World of Enlightenment

In the beginning...
0-Level and beyond!

Our hapless heroes awake in the salty blackness of a hold in a slaver-pirate ship heading towards a dark life of enforced servitude in the Western Isles. Things change when in a wild storm the ship smashes on the rocks of of a small island. At this point our heroes start to take things into their own hands – first they defeat the vile half-orc slaver-pirate captain, then they head inland seeking shelter and encounter a violent battle between forces of orcs and goblins. Our noble champions cunningly (some say cowardly) hide in the bushes while the fighting humanoids cut down each others numbers, until our brave heroes feel confident enough to fire a crossbow bolt from the shadows in an attempt (vain one) to eliminate one of the two surviving goblins. Missing its target the quarrel serves only to alert the goblins to our heroes presence and provoke a quarrel itself! The goblins don’t last long, outnumbered six to two, but at least the poor wretch of an old man can now be rescued, having survived the battle as a prisoner of one other of the humanoid forces. Keestake is his name and tells tell our heroes tales of treasure from decades ago when the King of the Isles ruled on this island, and the temple of the goddess where they may find shelter and great wealth! Perhaps our fateful heroes will venture this way next…


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